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The Siren Tiger Team can work with you to create a truly dynamic web site; one that works for you, interacts with your users, and is a useful experience unique to your needs. Siren Tiger specializes in adding flexibility and interactivity to create a truly useful and dynamic web presence.

Individual and Small Enterprise Friendly

No matter your size, we can make a web site that truly works for you. Although Siren Tiger is capable of web development for all size clients, we have a special interest in helping the individual or small business for whom dynamic and context-specific pages aren't usually a feasible option.

Our Services

Siren Tiger can help with all your Web needs:

  • Data Driven Content
  • User Personalization
  • Interactive Applications
  • Fill-in Forms
  • On-line catalogs and Shopping Carts
  • Page Generation on the Fly
  • Automatic Updating and E-mail Scripts

and much more.

We offer:

  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Hosting and Registration Consulting
  • Dynamic Web Programming
  • Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • SQL Database Driven Web Content
  • An Interactive and Personal User-Experience

Ask Your Web Site

What does your Web Site say? What does your Web Site do?.

You may have noticed we use the word "dynamic" a lot. At Siren Tiger, "dynamic" has a very specific meaning, and it is not merely a buzz-word. A dynamic web site is one that interacts with flexible information (be it from a database, the user, another computer program, or any external influence). A simple "static" web page displays pre-written content, while a dynamic web page generates its information contextually. Dynamic web methods make for web experiences as unique and flexible as your ever changing information needs.

Read more: what this could mean to you practically and potentially... (No jargon or technical details.)

Technical Skills

We are fluent in:

  • SQL databases;
  • PHP, ASP, jsp, perl, and cgi-programming;
  • java;
  • javaScript;
  • CSS style sheets;
  • shell programming and automated cron jobs;
  • Web administration and server configuration

Existing Sites: Augment. Don't Overhaul.

A Web Site isn't what it looks like at a specific moment. Renovating a Web Site needn't involve throwing everything away for a new static look. A Web Site is what it does and what it says. At Siren Tiger we specialize in "back-end programming" to make pages flexible and functional. Because of our commitment to flexibility we strive to provide you with a system that works for you; even if it is the system you already have.

Siren Tiger Enterprises is the working name for Nathaniel Meyers, a web programmer experienced in all aspects of web technology and specialized in interactive dynamic content.
2004-2009. The name "Siren Tiger" and all the contents on the site are copyrighted and can not be reproduced without permission.