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Ask Your Web Site

What does your Web Site say? What does your Web Site do?

A dynamic web site is one that interacts with the user, a database, the web designer, external sources of information, or any other flexible influence. An dynamic web site can be as simple as gathering information from a fill-in form or as complicated as a complete on-line e-business. It can be as up-front as flashy embedded java application or as invisible as a scheduled script to automatically update content. It can be a broad as a completely database driven inventory or as narrow as page view counter. It can give the user a personalized experience by allowing individual log-ins and layouts. It can ease the burden for the webmaster by allowing automatic content updating.

A dynamic web site can be as individual as the term implies and is not at all limited to the examples given above.

Siren Tiger can help with all your Web needs:

  • Data Driven Content
  • User Personalization
  • Interactive Applications
  • Fill-in Forms
  • On-line catalogs and Shopping Carts
  • Page Generation on the Fly
  • Automatic Updating and E-mail Scripts

and much more.

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Siren Tiger Enterprises is the working name for Nathaniel Meyers, a web programmer experienced in all aspects of web technology and specialized in interactive dynamic content.
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